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3 Things You Need To Know About Getting Your Haircut At A Cosmetology School

Getting your haircut at a cosmetology school is a great way to get a good haircut and save some money. Many people go into their local hair school and act as models for the students to practice on. Here are some things you need to know about getting your haircut at a cosmetology school.

1. Only Advanced Students Will Give Haircuts

When the students enter hair school, they have a certain waiting period before they can actually do anyone's hair. Up until then, they have manikins that they work on. They do all of their practice on manikins until they have proven that they are capable. When you go to the hair school to get your hair cut, you will be assigned the most advanced students at the school. The students who are mid level usually bring in friends or family members to be their models. They don't start working on paying clients until they have gotten a certain amount of hours and practice. Thus, you can be assured that the student who is working on your hair is experienced.

2. The Haircut Will Be Supervised

During the haircut your stylist will be supervised. There will be a teacher, who is a licensed and experienced hair stylist, present the entire time. They will be walking around making sure that everything is going well. If there are any problems, they will step in.

Additionally, after the haircut is completed by the student they have to get it passed off by their teacher. The teacher will make any necessary changes to the cut to ensure that everything looks good. Thus, you don't have to worry about a student being unsupervised.

3. If You Aren't Happy With Your Cut, A Teacher Can Redo Your Hair

If after the hair cut you still are not pleased, you can usually request to come back in and have one of the teachers, who is a licensed professional, cut your hair. They will generally do the haircut for free to ensure that you are pleased.

However it should be mentioned that you shouldn't get your haircut at a cosmetology school if you have a very specific way you like you hair, or if your hairstyle is easy to ruin. The people who have the best luck getting their haircut at the hair school are those with long hair, or hair that can be cut into a new style if necessary.

By understanding these things you can decide if getting a haircut at a local hair school like Eastern Hills Academy of Hair Design is right for you. 

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