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3 Practices To Avoid With Thinning Shears When Living A Frugal Lifestyle

A pair of thinning shears is a tool that is useful if you frequently cut your family members' hair in order to save money on expenses and live a frugal lifestyle. This cutting tool has teeth on one side and the other side contains a blade. This type of shears is useful in thinning the hair, and creating certain looks. They are also useful in texturizing the hair to decrease the weight and provide more volume. It is quite important to know the appropriate times to use these shears and how to continue to save money by giving them proper care.

Tossing Them

It takes many tools to perform a haircut properly. You may be tempted to toss the thinning shears quickly onto your vanity if you need to switch tools.  This practice is bad for your thinning shears and gets them out of alignment. It loosens the screws and can damage the blade or teeth. Once this happens, it is difficult to achieve the look you want with this tool. Set your thinning shears gently onto your work table after each use. As with all your hair styling tools, avoid dropping them to keep them working properly.

Storing without Cleaning

Taking proper care of your hair styling tools is the best way to ensure that they last for many months and allow you to provide you and your family members with quality haircuts. Sanitize, wash and dry your shears daily. Storing your thinning shears without cleaning them causes them to become damaged over time. You also need to lubricate the blades after using them for several haircuts. Do this when you won't be needing them the next day. This gives the lubricant time to soak into the mechanisms and keep your shears operating well.

Using the Shears on Thin Hair

Thinning shears help remove weight and bulk from hairstyles. They are most appropriate for thick or curly hair. Using this type of shears on thin hair is only appropriate when you are trying to achieve a certain look, such as a slide or point cut. Although you can learn to do this, it is best if you ask a hairstylist to show you how the first time you attempt one of these cuts.

The tools you purchase to help you live a frugal lifestyle are an investment that can last you several years, as long as you take proper care of them. Taking proper care of this hair cutting tool ensures that you can use it whenever necessary to thin and texturize hair that is too thick or too flat at the crown.

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